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acne cure in 3 days

These pictures show how quickly your skin can clear by following the natural

program within Acne Free in 3 Days™.

From: Chris Gibson

Wednesday, 10:53 a.m.

Dear Friend,

chris gibson pic

I know why you are here today. I was a chronic cystic acne sufferer for many years searching for a way to end my skin problems that caused me embarrassment and a whole lot of pain.

Acne is a serious problem and it is not fun!

The skin problems on my face and back started when I was only fifteen years old. Like an ugly shadow, it would follow me around for the next ten years.

I lived the everyday hell you are currently going through enduring the ‘pizza face’ and ‘greaser’ name calling, and harassment that goes along with being a kid who has acne all the way up into my adulthood. People can be very cruel.

I did everything you have tried as well. I tried lotions, creams, pills, sea salts, and mud packs. I sweated out my looks before dates, parties, and special events.

I even hated having my picture taken. Acne made me look and feel ugly. I got so frustrated with my skin I once slapped my own face in total disgust!

“What was wrong with me?” I asked myself over and over again. “Why me? When will this ever go away?”

I felt angry, hopeless, and gross. I watched in horror as small acne scars began to accumulate on my face.

I would have to carry ‘the badge’ of this disease for the rest of my life, just like the other people I had seen that had it. Something had to be done.

I spent thousands of dollars pursuing a cure visiting the top dermatologist I could find. When his recommendations failed, I went to another dermatologist and then another. Always the acne stayed and the breakouts kept coming without any worthwhile relief.

It defied every one of their recommendations, their expensive prescriptions, treatments with over-the-counter products, the ongoing six a.m. antibiotic regimen that created nausea beyond belief, and even Accutane – the so called “Miracle Drug”.

Acne was NOT my friend. After ten years of this constant emotional battle, I finally found a different and viable solution to this common problem. It was quite a journey to uncover something that really worked and I must admit, I was very skeptical at first when I tried it.

I truly didn’t think I would EVER get rid of the acne that had tormented me for so long. However, I desperately wanted to feel better about myself and I wanted the acne GONE – so, I gave it my hardest try.

After just three days, I woke up and made the slow walk to my bathroom mirror. I walked in half asleep, almost stumbling, and with my eyes closed. As I opened them, my jaw dropped to the floor!


My acne had totally disappeared in only 3 days! I finally had the clear skin that I had always wanted, and my confidence and self-esteem went through the roof!

Still I worried it might return. As with previous attempts to put my acne into remission, there would be brief moments of success followed by the inevitable disappointment several days or weeks later.

However, this time something was different. My skin was completely clear, and it also felt vibrant, smooth, and healthy-looking. It felt as if my skin had been totally rejuvenated from the inside out!

Over twenty years have passed since my amazing transformation. I can honestly and confidently say, “MY ACNE HAS NEVER RETURNED AND IT NEVER WILL!”

This book I have written is different. I get thousands of letters and calls every month from good people just like you who are suffering needlessly with this debilitating skin condition.

I get down right angry at all the false claims of companies and the dermatologists behind them that never had a single pimple that say, “Spray or apply this three times a day and your skin will be clear” or those other companies who are misleading the innocent, hurting people into endless monthly orders for solutions that do not work.

I wrote my story and I am sharing the program I used to clear my acne in 3 days because you need to know you can take control of your skin problems yourself and do something about them inexpensively.

I see all the advertisements and the infomercials along with the celebrities who get paid to pitch them. I know how it is for the people those solutions fail to help, as they come to me daily for help.

I talk about this on radio and television shows and the questions and concerns are always the same. You need to know there is another way!

You can stop acne without drugs or over-the-counter products. You can stop the unnecessary scarring acne causes. You can start changing your life today.

I want to help you because I do not want you to continue going through what I went through on a daily basis for so many years. I know what it is like to deal with the acne problem on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I know the burden and strangle hold it is having on your life! I care about you and I am 100% confident that with my help you can become acne free as I did!

Do You Want To Have…

  • Freedom from the pain of sores, bumps, whiteheads, and blackheads, and the reduced risk of permanent scarring?
  • No more mornings of anxiety because more acne appeared on your skin while you were sleeping? To wake up and enjoy the rest of your day knowing your skin is clear and STAYS clear?
  • The information about how you can STOP acne at the root of the problem (backed up by scientific evidence and case studies), instead of just masking the symptoms? Money in your pocket instead of paying for doctor visits, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications?
  • Your body back? To have the ability to do what you like, whenever you want, without having to worry about how your skin looks? Freedom from the worry of whether the person across the room is staring at you – or the acne on your body?
  • Your confidence and self-esteem go through the roof? Imagine what getting rid of your acne for the long-term will do for you…YOU WILL BE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON! More energy, more outgoing, and Finally FREE!
  • Freedom from popping pills, their side effects, and the daily grind of putting harsh unknown chemicals on your skin?
If so… This Will Be the Most Important Information You Will EVER Read!

Let Me Ask You:

  • Do you stay up late at night with anxiety about your acne?
  • Do you take prescription drugs and get little or no relief?
  • Is your skin always dry, itching, and peeling from the side effects of chemicals and drugs?
  • Do you have trouble looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see?
  • Do you avoid getting out in the world due to your acne?
  • Does your life revolve around your acne condition?
  • Do you find yourself hiding your skin when other people are around?
  • Are you spending ridiculous amounts of money with little or no results?
By Reading Your Copy of Acne Free in 3 Days, you will be shown how to…Stop All of the Above!
  • You will find that your acne will start to disappear – if not TOTALLY be gone – at the end of 3 days.
  • You will spend more time with your family and friends, showing off your clear skin.
  • You will feel better and look better, and your self-confidence and self-esteem will go through the roof!
  • Plus, you will never have to worry about having a serious acne problem again. After trying this simple, inexpensive approach, I have been acne free for over twenty years! I even include information on the only method that worked for me to remove acne scarring!

Your Copy of Acne Free in 3 Days™, will give you clear, concise, easy to follow, and step-by-step directions so you can…

  • Eliminate most – if not ALL – of your acne in 3 days!
  • Get back to living your life without fear and anxiety.
  • Do everything you have always wanted to do, but were not confident enough to pursue.
  • Live and dream without the fear and embarrassment caused by acne.

You Can See An Immediate and Dramatic Change With Your Acne By Following My Advice…

But why would you want to listen to me? Because you will be listening to a trusted and recognized authority on the subject. I’ve been featured in the media, both national and abroad, where I have been asked to speak about Acne Free in 3 Days. Here are some of my recent appearances.

chris gibson - fox channel acne free in 3 days book

This is me being interviewed on “Fox 26 News”.

acne free in 3 days book chris gibson on ABC show

Here is my live appearance on ABC’s “Sonoran Living Live”.

Chris Gibson Acne book on Daily BuzzChris Gibson on Daily Buzz show

Here I am demonstrating my top refrigerator facials on The CW’s “Daily Buzz”.

Doug Kaufmann's show acne free in 3 days Chris Gibson Doug Kaufmann's show

More pictures from Doug Kaufmann’s “Know The Cause”.

The Proof is in Customer Results!

Here are actual testimonials from people just like you that have tried this fast, proven natural program, and have cured themselves completely from their acne.

Real Customer Stories
Thank you for giving me new hope. I have benefited much from your book. Since I first started using your program, I have been able to keep my acne away. I had ugly, moderate acne for about 3 years after I graduated from high school, and nothing I ever tried during that period worked for the long run. Your program has been the difference in my life as it has kept working for me day after day! Thank you for your research and your care.

“God’s Blessings,

Ryan Henry, 20

Moberly, Missouri

Ryan Henry acne cure

Real Customer Stories
“Chris’ program, “Acne Free in 3 Days” slaps you in the side of the head and reveals to you why acne is a bigger problem that skin care products can only attempt to treat, not stop permanently. Chris further explains how any individual can make simple changes to stop the acne at the root cause of the problem. Don’t waste money on trying to cope with the problem of acne with products. Buy Chris’ program and stop the root cause for good. Left my skin feeling much softer with a healthy glow, and existing spots began healing immediately. My skin is now completely clear of acne and has been for over a year and a half! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Helen Bolton, 23

London, United Kingdom

Real Customer Stories
The methods I found in Chris’ book worked wonders for my acne. Immediately afterwards I felt healthier, had clearer skin, and found myself not fatigued during the day. I also found a whole world of good health information and advice in the bonus ebooks he sent me. Since purchasing your “Acne Free in 3 Days” package, I have been free of the acne and living a healthy, antibiotic-free lifestyle. I have not gotten sick once! Thank you Chris!”

Cassie Dixon, 19

New Mexico

Real Customer Stories
Ever since reading and following the advice in “Acne Free in 3 Days,” my acne problem has completely healed. I used to have really bad breakouts all over my cheeks for many years! It has also done wonders for my self-esteem knowing that I resolved this problem myself. My approach to health and my body has been changed forever!”

Thanks so much,

Laurie Lee, 31


Real Customer Stories
“I have been suffering from acne since the age of 14. Even now at the age of 23, I would still have acne attacking my face. However, when I read and applied the easy-to-follow natural program in your book, it really put everything into perspective for me. I can already see the effects of your program taking shape and I’m sure in the next day or two I will be acne free! I want to thank you for sharing your program and secrets with all of us. I am sure it will benefit many people for years to come! For those of you who have not yet gotten the book, your face and skin can’t afford to go another day without it!

Five days later…

I can’t believe my eyes. All of the bumps on my face have disappeared and even the red spots have gone away! My face is now completely clear of acne and the great part is I know I will be able to keep it this way by continuing to follow your advice. Thank you again!”

James Walker, 23

Pensacola, Florida

Real Customer Stories

I wish I had access to your book seven or eight years ago! I am 28 now, but when I was fifteen and sixteen I had horrible acne problems. It was so bad, that I was afraid to go to school because my self-esteem was so low! I had tried all the popular medications; Retin-A and Tetracycline, but that just seemed to make the problem worse.

I had no choice but to live with it until it finally slowed down a little as I got older. Had I had access to your information years ago, I would not have gone through some of the embarrassing moments that I use to face everyday. I would recommend for anybody who is suffering from acne problems to get your book and give your system a shot! It is an all-natural program and is much healthier for your body than taking prescription medications or putting chemicals on your skin.

Ronald Brown, 28

Navarre, Florida

Real Customer Stories
Hi Chris,

“I have been struggling with acne for the past 15 years. I tried everything from over thecounter products to prescribed medications, but nothing worked. All the medication would do is just mask the problem for a while only to have it all come back even worse than before.

Based on my doctor’s recommendation, I hesitantly tried Accutane in high and strong dosages, but nothing happened. My acne did not improve at all and I had to deal with all the ugly side effects! I was desperate to find something, anything that would help me to clear my acne for good. I wanted to have clear skin. I was willing to do whatever it took.

That’s when I came across your “Acne Free In 3 Days.” I was a bit skeptical at first but I did not have anything to lose, so I gave it a try. To my great surprise it worked! My big cystic acne cleared immediately after the 3rd day! My face now looks better than it has in years and I did it all without harsh medications or antibiotics!

I wish I had heard about your book earlier. Following the program you recommend is such a small sacrifice to pay for living an acne free life. It is so worth it! Thank you very much and I definitely recommend it to anyone that is suffering from acne!”

Rola Nahhas, 37

Toronto, Canada

Real Customer Stories
Hello Chris,

“I meant to do this a long time ago. Without a shadow of a doubt my skin had a 180 degree improvement. I did not have severe acne to begin with, but enough to be annoyed about on a daily basis. The process was not hard to do and the results have been more than well worth it! I am twenty-four now and I originally started following your program when I was twenty-two. My skin is completely clear and this has been more or less the case since I started following your advice over two years ago. Thanks a million for your help!

Daniel Murphy, 24

Real Customer Stories
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your book Acne free in 3 Days. I am excited to say that your natural program was much needed. “Since following the simple steps within, my skin has been much clearer! Not only that but I have also felt healthier with more energy. If I hadn’t found your book I wouldn’t have been able to clear my acne! Thank you again. ”

Erika Rayburn, 28

San Diego, California

Real Customer Stories
“I definitely saw a tremendous improvement in my acne after just 3 days. My skin cleared almost completely and I am happy to say I have been able to maintain those results for over two years! Thank you so much for helping me!”

Erin Bolz

Real Customer Stories

“Although I was skeptical about your program, the results were completely amazing! I was finally able to clear my skin of the acne and I have been able to keep it off for the last 4 months. The best part about your program is that you have provided me with the confidence and knowledge to be able to keep the acne away for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful!”

Craig D’Souza

Real Customer Stories
“Thank you! I really enjoyed your insights, time, and dedication you put into making the book package. I had great results…I actually followed your program twice. I was so eager to start the first time…I began the Sunday before I got my menstrual cycle and that is NOT the best idea because a female’s body needs to be stable especially during the first week…although my cycle threw me off a bit, I still saw great results. The second time (about 3 months later), I planned ahead and achieved spectacular results! As long as you stay active, upbeat, and continue reminding yourself that you don’t want to live life with acne…you can do it! I spent thousands of dollars on other treatments and nothing really worked…I was working with an aesthetic doctor who didn’t guarantee results but forced (pushed) me into trying new, expensive procedures such as micro-derms, pulsed light, skin peels, blue laser light, and photo-dynamic laser surgery! The best results I received were with Acne Free in 3 Days!

Thanks for your continuous help with acne sufferers,

Ashley Reivitis

Here is a Sampling of How the #1 Best Selling

Book, Acne Free in 3 Days™ Can Help You:

  • Discover the only proven, holistic way to heal, restore, and have beautiful, clear skin. You will use the same all natural program that I used to rejuvenate my skin and stay acne free for over 20 years. It is the practical way to repair your self-esteem and increase your confidence. By the time you finish with this program, you will know you look good and you will feel great!
  • Acne Free in 3 Days™ is designed to be an easy-to-use program in the privacy of your home. You don’t have to worry about making time consuming and expensive doctor visits, explaining the humiliating side effects of the acne treatment you are on, or keeping up with expensive or confusing antibiotic routines. Instead of being a walking billboard for the latest acne treatment, you will be the ENVY of your friends, family, and colleagues!
  • Attain long-term, permanent results without ANY side effects. I will expose the myth of the ‘promised cure’ offered by antibiotics and the supposed state of the art drug therapies, such as Accutane. I used these therapies myself and suffered the extreme side effects without lasting remission. Now imagine my disappointment and outrage after months of sticking with these routines and enduring the side effects, only to have my acne condition return worse than it was before! My book will help you to accomplish your goal of having acne free skin without having to endure the same treatments I did.
  • Acne Free in 3 Days™ reveals how you can STOP acne at it’s source. My book goes beyond the on-going expense of lotions, pills, creams, and conventional medical treatments and their side effects, that acne sufferers throw at their condition every day without results. You will learn what things you are doing that contribute to chronic acne and what simple steps to take to stop them. When traditional medical methods fail with any disease, like many people, I have learned we must go within to affect a cure.
  • Gain access to the immediate way to stop the accumulation of acne scarring. I include information and give my personal testimony as to what products and methods I have found that actually stop, reduce, or even remove acne scarring and poc marks. Permanent acne scarring is the number one concern of people who suffer from this debilitating disease and even the dermatologists who treat them. I include the #1 product that I used to remove my own severe acne scars and maintain my youthful appearance!
  • Unearth the amazingly inexpensive, practical, and natural way to address your skin condition. I give you the same easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions I used to rapidly clear and heal my acne disease. You can stop wasting your money and throw away all of the expensive over-the-counter products you have been using, which have not given you the permanent results that you seek and desire.
  • Suitable for use on all skin types. Your skin has the amazing capability of constant regeneration from within. The methods in my book capitalize on your own body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. These are the very same methods people from all around the world are using to achieve a smooth, glowing, and ‘peaches and cream’ complexion.
  • Acne Free in 3 Days™ is not just for teenage acne, but for everyone! You will have the ability to look younger, healthier, and more radiant. You can even get that promotion at work or be able to attend that class reunion, as you’ll feel more confident. The best part is nobody will be able to guess your age! I am constantly asked at public appearances what I use to keep my skin looking the way that it does and how I look 5-10 years younger than I really am, and it will happen to YOU too!
  • Acne will no longer be standing in your way! Being acne free means you’ll be more attractive and healthy looking. You might just fall in love all over again or you might even be able to attract that person you’ve had your eye on.
  • Receive unique, important, and pin-pointed scientific research on acne and why the methods in the book will work for you. This is not some ‘snake oil method’ or ‘out-there-formula’ that won’t work. I have even included specific steps that are drugless and extremely effective, which I learned from a leading dermatologist. Acne Free in 3 Days™ is a real book about healing a real and exasperating problem. You are not going to find this information anywhere else!

Long-Lasting, Permanent Results Without The Ongoing Monthly Expense

Before I found this solution, I battled acne the same way you are doing today – with over-the-counter products and prescription drugs – hoping against hope that it would disappear one day.

Unfortunately, I can tell you from experience that those solutions will not work; all they do is provide relief from the symptoms. They do not go to the root of the problem and get rid of the acne itself.

Today, instead of avoiding my reflection, I break into a great big SMILE whenever I see my face in the mirror! It is such a relief to see clear skin staring right back at me, instead of red bumps, whiteheads, blackheads, and sores!

Those who do not have acne or have to deal with it will never understand. To them it’s like, “What’s the Big Deal?”

Well, no matter which way you look at it, ACNE HURTS YOU!

Emotionally, psychologically, and physically, it hurts on a daily basis. It can and will cause embarrassment at any point in your day, and the more you worry over it, the worse it often becomes.

It creates low self-esteem and a bad self-image, hindering you from enjoying and sharing your talents and abilities with others. It is painful and can cause severe scarring that remains with you for the rest of your life.


And you do not have to suffer from it ANYMORE!

Trust me, I’ve been there. I tried everything, before I finally discovered how to get rid of my acne for good.

How About YOU?

  • How much have YOU gone through?
  • How much have YOU spent with little or no relief?
  • How much has YOUR acne cost YOU?

Compared to the cost of doctor visits, over-the-counter remedies, and prescription drugs, this program pays for itself over and over again…year in and year out. AND, you will be FREE from YOUR acne!

I know what your acne problems are doing to you. As I travel around the world and speak to people from many different countries, no matter where they live – the problem is always the same. They cannot find a permanent solution for their acne that works.

I get asked the same question whether I am on the radio, television, or in a newspaper interview. What can I do to stop my skin from breaking out? I see the same frustration and pain in people that I experienced myself…

Here’s Where I Help YOU Get Better

This program will work…when you work with it. I can give you directions and show you the way – but only YOU can make it work for yourself.

Now, if you’re getting excited about the idea of finally living without acne but are worried you won’t be able to afford your own copy of Acne Free in 3 Days™, let me put your mind at ease right now…

My book is jam-packed with years of scientific research, helpful information on understanding your specific type of acne (yes, there is more than one type), and a simple, practical, and easy-to-do natural program that really works!

I can easily sell this information for over $200.00, considering the yearly costs you are already incurring with prescription drugs and over-the-counter products.

However, thanks to the reduced costs involved with doing business on the Internet and my sincere wish to HELP as many acne sufferers as possible – I have decided to offer you immediate access to the program for the one-time cost of…


LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: For this week only, you can purchase an ebook version of the book at the following discounted prices:

Ebook Version Package

Only $39.95

acne free in 3 days book

You will also receive access to download the seven bonuses described below as your free gifts for purchasing today. The best part is, you can have the ebook version within minutes from now because it is available for instant download!

Please keep in mind these are “limited time special” prices and I can only guarantee them for this week only. After that they will be increased back to the normal price, so please act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity. If you come back in a couple of days, and the “limited time special” prices are gone, there’s nothing I can do – Buy today and save $10.00!

$249.65 Worth Of FREE Bonuses For Ordering Today!

Bonus #1: “79 Fat Loss & Exercise Questions Answered”

This comprehensive ebook will give you answers to 79 of the most frequently-asked health, fitness and fat loss questions. How do I get rid of my love handles? How do I build a set of flat six-pack abs? How do I get rid of flabby arms? And much more!

Value = $49.95 – You get it for FREE!

Bonus #2: “Beauty and Weight Loss Tips” by Tracie Johansen.

This ebook contains homemade beauty secrets, recipes, techniques, and treatments – including skin care, hair care, spa style baths, weight loss tips, smoothies, and low fat meals.

Value = $29.95 – You get it for FREE!

Bonus #3: “Lessons from the Miracle Doctors”, by Jon Barron.

This 177-page ebook will give you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide so that you can maintain optimum health and overcome catastrophic illnesses.

Value = $49.95 – You get it for FREE!

Bonus #4: “Ultimate Acne Scar Prevention & Removal Guide” by Chris Gibson.

This unique guide will show you how to prevent any further scarring from acne and how to remove the acne scarring you currently have. Covers all of the available options to remove acne scarring effectively and safely.

Value = $29.95 – You get it for FREE!

Bonus #5: “Fine Lines and Wrinkles Reduction Guide” by Chris Gibson.

This guide can help you to keep your face looking youthful and healthy. Includes a comprehensive look at how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles immediately and permanently.

Value = $19.95 – You get it for FREE!

Bonus #6: “Steps To Personal Growth”

This ebook will give you easy-to-follow information on how to get everything you want out of life, simple ways to improve your self-image instantly, how to easily look and feel younger, and tips on how you can lead a happier life today! Plus much more.

Value = $39.95 – You get it for FREE!

SUPER Bonus #7: Exclusive, One-On-One Interview: “Chris Gibson on Acne Free in 3 Days™”

Chris answers common questions and provides exclusive material (not found in the book) in this exciting and informative audio interview! It’s exactly like having a personal consultation with Chris! In this groundbreaking dialouge, he offers a comprehensive exploration into all the aspects of acne and its negative effects on the body. In addition to talking about his breakthrough approach to healing acne in 3 days, he also covers many other important topics. Chris Gibson on Acne Free in 3 Days™ is jam-packed with over an hour of clear and relevant information that will change the way you look at acne and your personal health forever!

Value = $29.95 – You get it for FREE!

Better Than Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I understand nothing works for 100% of the population, 100% of the time. Anyone who says they have something that does so is being untruthful. Therefore, your order today is backed 100% by the following better than risk-free 60 day money back guarantee:

“If after sincerely giving the natural program within Acne Free in 3 Days™ a try, you do not find this helpful in curing of your acne – I will give you a full refund of the purchase price – and you can take 60 days to decide.”

Due to everyone being different, and since I do not know how well you will follow this program…or how much you want to be acne free, I cannot guarantee a cure.

I guarantee you will feel better, enjoy a better quality of life, and your acne should diminish in 3 days!

Do you want to be acne free? If you are willing…I can and will show you the way!

It has been twenty years since I found this program, and I am thankful every day that it has “given me my life back.” Now I want to do the same for you…

Why Wait?

You can continue to search high and low, and you can continue to use the same solutions that have not been working with little or no effect for you all this time. But I can tell you that you won’t be able to get rid of your acne for the long haul.

I am not a medical person and I do not give medical advice. I do not recommend you stop taking any drugs except on the advice of your doctor. As your doctor sees you getting better, he will reduce and then cancel your medication.

I’ve already made all of the mistakes for you – tried all of the so-called cures – and had all of the other treatments, drugs, and products…But, they were all FAILURES!

Stop wasting your precious time going through the trial and error routine that I did – ten-years worth of pain, from the age of fifteen to twenty-five. You can have a total of thirty years of experience for less than $50.00, only $9.95 RIGHT NOW!

A Warning About Competitors

1. Unlike most competitors who have never had any personal experiences with an acne problem, I have lived with acne and I now live without it. My personal experience with acne combined with the medically verified program I used, is the most effective all-natural way of putting an end to your acne condition for good. As a result, Acne Free in 3 Days™ is very unique and cannot be found anywhere else!

2. Don’t be fooled by look-a-like sites and copy-cat authors. Due to the popularity of my book, there can be unscrupulous individuals providing false and misleading information. This is the only proven program (the original) that can clear your acne in 3 days naturally. Don’t sell yourself short and get the real deal today!

Make A Permanent Change In Your Life!

You will have a step-by-step program to help you throughout the entire 3-day process. The actual price is minimal, considering you are probably spending much more each month in prescription medication or over-

the-counter products alone!

Neither of those will get rid of your acne – plus you’ll have to put up with the side effects. The only side effect from using this Program is RESULTS!

This is NOT about drug therapies or expensive over-the-counter solutions that do not work. This is about banishing YOUR Acne – no matter how long you’ve had it or what else you have tried.

Please understand the “popular” consumable products are not designed to cure anything. They are designed for the specific purpose of having you, the consumer, keep spending your money over and over again without long-lasting results.

After years of drug therapy, countless visits to dermatologists, and recurring bouts, I thought my acne would never go away. But I found a way to banish it in 3 days in the comfort of my own home.

Now, after twenty years of being ACNE FREE and sharing these “Secrets” with my friends and family over the years, I am making them available to you! I know what it’s like to have to deal with acne and I know how terrible it can make you feel.

By following this program to the tee, you will learn exactly how I cured my acne in 3 days, and how YOU can do the same.

Do you want to continue on the same cycle of waking up to disappointment and frustration, or do you long for the day when you will no longer suffer from acne?

Real Customer Stories
“First off I want to say thank you for bringing this knowledge to me. My acne was very random and got better and worse all the time for many years. I always thought I would grow out of it, but when I turned 22 and my acne was worse then ever, I started searching for a better answer.

I literally had tried everything over the years from prescriptions to every over the counter topical cream and face wash, but nothing ever worked. The “Acne Free In 3 Days” program worked and that is all I can say about it… IT WORKED! As long as you follow everything and keep to the guidelines and rules set out in the program you will have clear skin! It’s just that easy!

If you are committed and serious about wanting to be acne free then you MUST use this program! Thanks Chris. You have completely relieved my acne stresses and made my life better.”

Mike Ellis, 22

Ontario, Canada

Real Customer Stories
Hey Chris,

Your book for me was truly an answered prayer. I was so frustrated with my acne that was really affecting my singing career. My confidence and self-esteem were in the dumps, not to mention all of these other health problems that kept happening to me. I got so frustrated that I finally found myself on my knees in tears praying to God that he would set me free from these problems (especially the acne).

That night I hit the Internet and after searching through several websites, and reading a trillion testimonials to try to determine what is REALLY working, I came to your site. It sounded unbelievable, “…in 3 days,” but the thing that stuck out at me was that you weren’t trying to sell me anything that I would have to keep coming back for, just one time information: the TRUTH. This seemed so integral to me, since all the other sites wanted to sell me products, products, and more products.

Following the instructions in your book were not as difficult as I first thought and in the end, they were very easy to do. I guess it simply comes down to whether someone would rather get rid of their acne permanently or keep their old lifestyle with acne. Thanks so much Chris, you’re doing good things in the world. Go bigger with this and please continue to help people like me! Thanks again.


Ross MacLeod, 21

Barrie, Ontario

Real Customer Stories
Chris, WOW! I followed your instructions for the full 3 days, and I woke up this morning to the best surprise of my life! It’s simply amazing how much my skin cleared up between last night and this morning…it’s a miracle! I have been suffering from acne since the age of 12, and being 22 now, I figured I was pretty much stuck with it until I got much older. I have spent hundreds of dollars on over-the-counters, medications, and dermatologists – and nothing ever helped calm my acne like this. Also, my skin used to be very dry and pink in tone…now it’s peachy and has a “glow” to it! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this wonderful and easy program. I feel like me again!

Julie McCartan, 22

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Real Customer Stories
“Chris, I just had to write you a note on how things turned out for me. The first day I didn’t see much of a difference and went to bed disappointed. I know you said you won’t see much of a difference until the end of day two, but WOW! When I got up yesterday, almost all of the inflammation was gone! I will write you again after I complete the entire program.”

Two days later…

Well here I am and a butterfly has emerged! Not one blemish is left, not one! I wouldn’t have believed it, but there it was. I am more than happy with the results and my husband who has watched me suffer for so long is trying it now. God Bless You!”

Nancy Garret, 20

Boulder, Colorado

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